Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Boots

So the Peep is a huge shopping fan, as long as it is for her. She LOVES clothes and shoes and one store in particular where they have a piano player for HER enjoyment.

We were at her favorite store a few days ago looking for a new pair of non-tennis shoe shoes. She found a pair of boots she loved.
I checked the price. OK- try them on.
Slick and Peep found a sales person and they were off to try on the beloved boots.
Then I started thinking. Was that line next to the price part of the dollar sign, like one of the lines of the dollar sign was over too far to the right, or was that part of the price???
I rushed back across the ample children's shoe section to check on it again and unless this store has three vertical lines in their dollar signs that dang line was part of the price!
I whipped around to shout to Slick that the price was more than I pay for my own shoes when much to my sad eyes Peep and Slick were parading around the store in the new boots- both with silly grins about how cute they were.
I was a goner.
We now are the proud owners of a pair of boots that are absolutely adorable. The Peep calls them her Cowgirl Boots and wants to wear them every day.
Every day.
They have had one day off in the 13 days we have owned them. That was a crazy warm day where we all wore flips.
Lord help us and the Peep when she is really fashion savvy.


the crazy, in need of therapy Neighbor said...

I want those boots, I love those boots....and watch out I may come get them. :)

Hilldog said...

Peep fits right in with the family I myself own a few too many pairs of shoes and so does Lulu- last cound she had 20 pairs of tennis shoes!
ps I love the crazy in need of therapy neighbor!!

lulu said...

GO PEEP!! Someday those of us with the extra shoes will be in control of ...... who knows what... besides that, they really are cool - what's the largest child's size?