Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas Card from a Bride

I work with brides helping them select their wedding paper ensemble- things like Save the Dates (STD), invitations, napkins, programs and personal stationery for all the many thank you notes.

This summer I had a particularly wonderful bride who was super funny about the fact that she was over thirty years old and did not in fact need the requisite year to plan her wedding, thank you very much, she could throw together a wonderfully traditional one in six months.

Immediately after meeting with her, we created her perfect STD's, had them overnighted into the Big City and she was on her way!

She and the groom selected lovely invitations after hours of looking and then she and her mother spent hours here as well looking at personal stationery for both of them.

Last week I got the most beautiful Christmas card from her and her groom- a picture of them leaving their reception under a shower of red rose petals- with their married names printed on the bottom below Merry Christmas.

It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to know that I helped- even in a small way- start out their life together, for there would have been no rose petal throwers without the extension of the invitations...

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penelope said...

i want to see the picture!!