Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Great Towel Rod Saga

We have a towel rack in the master bathroom that is technically Slicks. It has been down for, oh, I don't know, maybe 8 months. I took it off of the wall because it was loose and hey- I am handy and I was going to fix that thing.

There were already molly bolts in the wall so I couldn't just add new ones so I found the spackle and pulled the broken bolts from the wall. When I say bolts, I think you know I mean blue plastic things that the screws go into so that the towel rod can withhold the weight of an adult man without crashing to the floor. I removed from the wall the plastic bolts, spackled and repainted the mess. Then I was at the big box superstore near our house and happened upon a set of handy molly bolts. Being always on the lookout for fixer projects, I got the set and came home to drill holes and fix the rod. To no avail.

I neglected to notice that the big box superstore set of molly bolts were slick as the back porch on a freezing day of rain. Of course I did not notice this until I predrilled the holes, stuck them in the holes and the was able to pull them out again all with my bare hands... Time to refill the holes and repaint.

Good thing I have the paint right in the bathroom at all times. Seriously. I have got to put the two cans into the garage! They are still in the bathroom.

So last week I was fed up with the towel rack on the tub look and I am certain Slick was BEYOND fed up with the situation as he has been hanging his towel from the side of the bathtub for over 8 months.

I found industrial molly bolts in the linen closet downstairs and charged up the drill. I was ready to fix the problem. Where are there problems that a charged drill can not fix?? So I got the yard stick. Yes, a yard stick. I got it for $1 at the estate sale across the street last summer when I got some really great vintage Halloween decorations that I forgot to get out at Halloween. Please remind me next year!

The previous holes were at exactly 36 inches up form the bathtub. So I laid the level onto the side of the bathtub and balanced the yard stick on it to measure up 37 inches from the tub. Both sides. Drilled 4 holes. Pounded in 4 molly bolts. Screwed in 4 long screws and the backing of the towel rod assembly. Got onto the phone with the wonderful crazy neighbor. Couldn't figure out why the towel rod assembly was not jumping right onto the backs that were securely fastened to the wall. Told the wonderful crazy neighbor. She said she does not like hanging things because it never works right. I said I had measured perfectly and that it should be working. She said good luck. I jammed to rod into place and tightened the ti-niny little screws on the rod assembly to secure it with 1/8 inch of metal to the assembly that is now for all intents and purposes bolted to the wall. Looks great.

If you are standing with your head cocked to the side. I went back and re-measured. Sure enough, 37 inched up from the tub is exactly where the screws are placed. And then I don't know what made me look but somehow I happened to see- the dang dang dang tub is not at all level.


The Neighbor said...

I remember that very day!! Writing could be our future... I can provide some of the material and you can write it up... You know how much material we have over here every day!! Love you!!
The Neighbor who since everyone is in bed beside me and the dog...doesn't need so much therapy today!!

penelope said...

That is so very very painful. That dang dang tub. Those are the lessons we learn when we have old houses. Been there, done that, and still doing it! :)

lulu said...


Al said...

For future reference, doors and windows are often not level either. Who knew you were so handy!!