Monday, January 7, 2008

Is it just me?

So for Christmas we got Lefty a new computer and a wireless router so he can check his e-mail from anywhere in his house.

We spent 2 different Saturdays trying to set it up, and then another night for over 4 hours. I am a pretty smart person and I have set up two different routers in our house over the years, so I was certain I could figure this out.

I mean really- plug stuff in, turn it on.

On the router web page there was a huge disclaimer in red ink that said they were experiencing an unusually high call volume and that basically people should not call with questions- so I maneuvered all around the site printing pages that should have helped with the installation.

To no avail.

Then last Friday night I broke down and called the help number.

They told me that the 2 week old router was outdated and needed new software that I could download from their site and call back. When I said it took over 10 minutes to get this guy on the phone and couldn't he just wait while I downloaded to tell me what to do next the answer was NO. Bummer since the download took almost 60 seconds.

The call back took 28, yes that is 28 minutes before I got a live person and finally after 2 full Saturdays and 4 hours at our house I got the router up and working.

Now I have to get over to Lefty's to install the dang thing!

Thank goodness he is a patient man!

And I am thinking- if the router company knows that this issue exists, shouldn't they put a sticker on the boxes still on store shelves that says don't waste your time trying to install this thing- you need to download and upload software first?? Maybe it's just me?

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Penelope said...

I love it! I love your blog and am so happy to add it to my list!:) You should add stat counter so you can see who is checking your blog...its fun to see..and free!