Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Sist'a is the Bomb

Lots of people have sisters but MY sister is the best.

I know I said that I am not a fan of blogs where people just tell what they have for dinner and stuff.... but... Thursday night- and almost any night we ask- she brings take-out to our house for dinner.

She brought Chinese from our favorite place and it was dang tasty.

Then she had some meaningful coloring time with the Peep. They have a great relationship where Peep asks for stuff and Hill-Dog gives it to her! Hill-Dog took her to the Zoo for her birthday, buys her sassy pants for presents with sequins and embroidery and lets her stay up way too late.
Hill-Dog is a special ed teacher and as far as we are concerned: The Teachanator- or something like that- banisher of Illiteracy across the city. I think she has a face book page- but I really don't have a clue how all of that works- so all Hill-Dog info should be gathered from me.


lulu said...

aren't they just the cutest...

the neighbor who may need therapy said...

I love those two!!