Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Organized Home Part 2

So I got this really cool set of frames for my Birthday from Lefty and Bucia. They were back ordered forever and came in just in time for Christmas. I have opened and hung all of them on a wall leading out of the downstairs bathroom. WOW. They look really cool, but kind of creepy because unlike in this photo, they have no pictures in the frames yet.

I was really careful with the spacing since Slick is a stickler for straight and level- but it turns out that like many other places in our vintage 1949 home, this wall is not plumb. What is plumb, you might ask. Well that simply meant that the dang wall is as crooked as they come.
I measured down from the ceiling the same number of inches for the four columns of frames- as I really like the grouping look for the set- and they are almost exactly the same- but just not exactly... When they have actual pictures in them, I will let you see. Until then- take a look at these cool whimsical frames- I highly recommend them!

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the neighbor said...

I love those frames...exposures??