Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Parenting 101

So when the Peep was pretty little, Slick and I took this wonderful class on Filial Therapy and how to have a certain parenting style and philosophy where we give the Peep age appropriate choices among other things, but the choices are the part we stuck with the most.

There is much research and thought on the style- we currently employ our own version of it- and just a few days ago I told the Peep she needed to choose to hurry and get dressed and have TV in the afternoon or keep messing around and there would be no afternoon TV time.

The girl looks right at me and says, "OK no TV."


Then the same night while trying to go into her room to talk to her pretend horse instead of brushing her teeth- I let her choose to brush her teeth NOW and listen to the radio at bed time - one of her favorite things- or go talk to to the imaginary horse and no radio.

Her response: you got it, "No radio, mommy."

I need to get better naps in the afternoons so I can craft better choices.
I realize and Slick and I will have our hands FULL.


BAC said...

If you choose to have better choices can you share them with me?

Al said...

Are you sure you aren't describing a day at my house? Whenever we are with you, I always think that you come up with excellent choices for the peep. Even though those didn't work out so much for you, your choices of choices are an inspiration to me. :)

lulu said...

GO PEEP!! That's that strong family gene pool she's working through. No wimps there - on either side....