Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I am not a fanatic about many things- well maybe, but not today.

Slick wears contact lenses that most days he puts in after he showers and gets dressed. It took me years to conclude that the fact that he sees very little in the shower was the reason he never wanted to clean it.


I have made him promise that in the event I meet and untimely demise, he will hire a cleaning service for this sole purpose, to clean the shower which he rarely, if ever sees.

The sinks he does see- and routinely will use his face towel to wipe off! Gross!

I purchase unnatural amounts of the DOW Scrubbing Bubbles and spray it often in the sinks just to freshen them up. It's on sale at Costco and the Peep and I went for a stockpile last week.

We are safe from germs for at least a couple of months... whew.

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