Saturday, January 5, 2008


Slick works for the Big Bad Broadband Company. He does lots of different things there but one thing is to go to CES a big consumer trade show.

In Las Vegas.

Every year.

I think this is year six. He tries to make it sound like it is NO fun at ALL.

I am pretty sure I know better.

Slick is a real Renaissance Man. He can cook on the grill. He can cook in a turkey fryer. He can cook in the yard. See that fryer on the table! That is NO Fry Daddy of days gone by- that is a serious cooking tool at our house. Sometimes we have entire menus planned around how we can utilize the fryer to it's fullest extent.

Take Christmas Eve for instance- we host the Feast of Seven Fishes because Slick's parents are Italian. This is a serious Italian Catholic thing where we actually prepare SEVEN DIFFERENT fish and eat them on Christmas Eve. This year was our fourth year to host and Slick was almost exclusively the chef- with trusty Paper Girl as the sous-chef/ dishwasher.

Slick purchased and prepared anchovies, squid, clams, crab, shrimp, tuna, scallops and the bonus fish: smelt. We did use pre-made but still home-made Antipasti that contained tuna and the anchovies were canned- but everything else was purchased fresh and cleaned and cooked by Slick here in our main kitchen. It was delicious. Except for the smelt- I think I could do without that next year.


lulu said...

slick is swell, and does a WONDERFUL JOB with that big bad cooker - I think the smelt would have been perfect if it had been "fried" just a little crisper...kisses..

Tam said...

Not to mention Slick is a heck of a boss! He says the same thing about you by the way, you're a heck of a boss. Smooches!