Thursday, January 10, 2008


The strangest thing happened yesterday.
I was in a local supermarket- I use the term super loosely- because they did not have any food. They say on their website that they are crazy about food. I'm thinking just plain crazy.

Well they had a little- but it was strange, I say again.
It was Wednesday.

Every shopper knows not to go to the grocery store on Monday because the stockers have Sunday night off and the shelves are bare Monday mornings. Every shopper knows a new ad starts on Wednesday so the shelves are busting with goodness and sales on every aisle on Wednesday. I went to the store on Wednesday.

It was not my regular nice upscale store- but it was a national chain in our neighborhood... Should have been nice.

I started in produce- the tomatoes had the mange. I don't mean one or two were funky- I mean all of the Roma tomatoes that should have been nice an luscious red had spots on them that looked like mold- I am thinking it really was mold.

Then the bananas- SIX FEET OF BANANA SPACE: EMPTY. There were two brown bruised bananas. Six feet of black plastic space, empty. I asked the guy unloading boxes- are there any bananas in the back- the response- a truck just arrived, can you wait an hour??
AN HOUR?? No thanks.

Then the eggs. I am a stickler on the eggs. I open the package and touch each of them to make sure there are no lingering cracks or slime from broken eggs in other cartons.
SEVEN DOZEN. That is how many different cartons I had to open to find a complete dozen without cracks- or in several cases, crunchola'd shells. It was ridiculous!

I am wondering- since Slick was at one time in the grocery business, I wonder things at the store- does the National Chain know that they have this bad seed?? We live in a nice enough neighborhood. Shouldn't we be able to go to the store and get undamaged nice food?? What would the regional managers and national officers of this corporation say to a store where several of the things on my list were not in the store and where the checkers spent more time talking about how they were going to be out sick on Monday than talking to me??

I don't want to own a grocery store, but I'd sure like the people who do to pay more attention to them- at least this one- but I am afraid I will not know if it gets cleaned up because I will be returning to my neighborhood store, purchasing my Ingredients for Life.


Al said...

It's funny you wrote about this today, because I too went to the super?market this morning and I wonder if it is the same chain you went to. All I needed was regular milk and chocolate milk so I dropped by the closest one to my house which I really don't like. The door to the regular milk area didn't close all the way, and the chocolate mile jugs all had a sell by date of Jan. 8 - today is Jan 10! Oh well...

hill dog said...

I think it is your duty to let the national chain know they have such bad service going on they my not have a clue!

bc said...

down with alberstons! you didn't specify them by name, but really, who else could it be?

Tam said...

We have this exact same problem with the Kroger by our house, which might help explain why I am such a Central Market freak. Our Kroger runs out of milk and chicken breasts on a regular basis. Not 13 year aged balsamic vinegar - FREAKING MILK!!!! Hello?!