Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tastyness in Wimberley

On the girls trip we had the most delicious lunch at a boutique restaurant in Wimberley, Texas called the Leaning Pear. It was recommended to the girls by friends we saw in the Wimberley Glassblowers Shop.

Glass blowing. Not just for Renaissance Fairs anymore.

This was super coll fancy glass blowing. Imagine the lighting in the Atlantis, Bahamas or the ceiling in the Bellagio in Vegas. This was expensive cool, but really hot, glass blowing complete with demonstrations on Saturdays. If you find yourself in the Hill Country hit the glass blowers shop. After lunch.

Man the Leaning Pear had a wonderful menu complete with a pear salad. I had the BLT without T and with BRIE! Yum. The patio was a perfect spot on a lazy Saturday afternoon and the company excellent.

See from our pic that we continued to look for interesting restaurants in the Wimberley area- finding Inzos complete with cold adult beverage. The weekend was great- but alas, it is good to be home with the Peep and Slick.

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cdub said...

So thankful my eyes weren't glazed over when this pic was taken...

p.s. Dinner for hubby turned out nice. I added some scallops for his enjoyment and subbed linguine 'cuz that's what I had. Thanks for the recipe!