Thursday, January 24, 2008

TV: How much is too much

So the Peep is home from school today because she had a little (99.7) fever this morning and she REALLY needs to go to school tomorrow- so I thought sacrifice today and she will be well by tomorrow.

The thing is that the less I do in the day, the less I really want to do. When I am up and moving and getting things done, I get LOTS of things done. All mom's know this, I think. We can do 56 loads of laundry, send 1655 e-mails, clean all three potties and cook a tasty dinner while vacuuming and watching Murder She Wrote Marathon.

Enter a "sick" kid on a day where I need to file 8 months worth of papers and bills, pack for a girls weekend, change sheets, empty the dishwasher, take my donation to the Charity Store of our choice, blog, read blogs and move the furniture in every room downstairs to get with the organized home by Feb 1.

All she wants to do is watch princess movies with me on 47 inches of high definition glory in the living room. And the more I watch the more of a TV coma I slip into and the more I want to watch. And eat. All I want to do while watching is eat. Dang that fever.


lulu said...

let the house go - it'll be there next week - pack for the weekend.

Al said...

I have been experiencing the same thing this week. Shrek and Cars were big players while Mason was home sick (for 3 days!!). Have fun this weekend!