Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fun for the rest of the week?

We are the new owners of a positive flu test for the Peep. And she has a wonderfully old man one pack a day cough that prompted the Dr to send us to the hospital for a pneumonia x-ray. Thankfully it was negative.

In other good news the Peep's Dr congratulated me on about to have the flu myself next week. I am so excited and really looking forward to it. Or not.

On the way home the Peep asked me why if she had gotten a flu shot that she now had the flu. My answer: Sorry Dude, sometimes these things happen.


The Neighbor said...

MMMmmmm, What are you going to do about the weekend? I hate that for her and you. G had the flu test last week and 2 streps...negative...we are not at fault. Let me know what you need!

penelope said...

zicam, girl, get the zicam and take it as instructed. it works!!!

The Dr. is In said...

School can be a dangerous place.

Al said...

So sorry! Hopefully you and Slick will be spared.