Monday, February 11, 2008

Holiday Home

We moved furniture and vacuumed and dusted and shopped and cooked and decorated and ironed and chilled and washed and it was all worth it!

The small Valentines Dinner Party we had Saturday went well, we thought.

Dinner was tasty and drinks were flowing and flowing and shades were hung.

What? The Roman Shades for Slick's and my bedroom that I had worked on for over 6 hours with the Peep's help in November were finally hung by a dinner guest!

They look wonderful dahling and I will get a picture this week I promise.

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The Neighbor said...

I think saying the dinner party went well is a complete understatement. The house, tables, menus, glassware, did i mention glassware?? were of magazine quality!!! It was lovely and perfect!!