Thursday, February 21, 2008

Icing on the Cake- er Cookie

Not this past Christmas but in '06 the Peep made cookies with Busia and Papa. They are a wonderful recipe from the Betty Crocker cookbook that Slick brought to the marriage 10 years ago as part of his dowry.

The same cookbook as a recipe for vanilla frosting that is very tasty as well. You might be able to see in the pictures that we tinted it green and reddish pink in honor of Christmas and decorated our hearts- that is trees- out.

It is almost- but not quite- the tastiest frosting I have ever had.

The best ever was at the house 4 doors down from us at our old house long about 1985. Yes, that is 1985. Seriously, when I obsess, I really obsess.

22 years I have been searching high and low- definitely for the last 10 years since Slick and I married- for the best ever frosting recipe.

Now as Easter approaches and I am getting excited about the William-Sonoma cutters I got last year and making flowers and chicks and bunnies and from tasty slightly almond flavored cookies- I am looking still for the perfect frosting recipe.

If you have one, please, please share… otherwise all who we encounter over the next few weeks be ready for yummy cookies and mostly yummy frosting…

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