Sunday, February 17, 2008

An opossum as a pet?

For the Peep's birthday she got fish. Two lovely goldfish named Jack and Box.

She named them herself.

In the drive through line.

At Chick-Fil-A.

She loves the fish in as much as you can bond with a swimming non pet-able friend who neither talks nor snuggles.

Jack is a lovely shade of gold and is really a pretty fish with all of the fins and tails that swoosh around in the fancy round aquarium Slick and his parents picked out. Box is more of a hanger-outer preferring to watch life from the sidelines.

Way on the sidelines.

He is a little creepy with all of the opossum he plays. Any time of the day or night we can walk past the aquarium- strategically placed in the kitchen on the counter beside the refrigerator- and find him hanging on the top of the water. The first time I saw him "playing" Slick was at the office and I called and said I thought Box was a gonner.

Then he swam away like nothing doing and he has been playing us ever since.

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Al said...

I love the names, but even more, I love that she came up with them while at Chick Fil-A! :)