Monday, February 4, 2008

The Organized Home Part 3

Last weekend Slick and I moved furniture. No, we did not get any new furniture and we did not get a new residence, we just moved the furniture we have around inside the house. We moved the china cabinet from the old dining room, now game room, to the living room in the back corner. We moved the black wooden former entertainment console for a TV now laden with games and toys to the now game room and moved all of the sorted and thinned contents of both to their respective pieces.

The good news is that the entertainment center come game cabinet is in two pieces like and nice piece of formerly unfinished wood- sometimes called Naked Wood. It is not naked now, nor is it necked, it was nicely painted black in the garage of our former house, you know, when we had a garage.

The china cabinet on the other hand is one set of solid-wood-old-school-piece-of-furniture-heavy-son-of-a-gun. Slick and I were like Ross and friends with the big "Pivot" scene with the couch.

I know Hill Dog is going to be disgusted with the "Friends" reference two days in a row. Sorry, dude. It was funny. Both the scene form the show and the one in our living room. We got part way to the destination and had to rest- which happened to be mostly in front of 46 inches if High Definition Glory. The Peep was watching something- probably Emperor’s New Grove for the 2,543 time, when she announces that “Hey. That is not going to work there.” It is like we have a standup comedian living with us. Really. So she does not think that in the middle fo the room is the best place for the china cabinet. “No,” she told us, “it needs to go on a wall.” A little Martha Stewart. My heart is warm.

Then Hill Dog and I moved a set of shelves from the guest room to the game room- doing a nice job of junking that room up already- and moved the chest of drawers in the guest room to a different wall.

We still have a ways to go to be completely organized and efficient, but we are doing ok so far. Rest assured- I will keep you posted.


lulu said...

Ahhh, my Stella is a genius. As for you and Hill Dog, and your Slick........ the ballot is still out. Can't wait to see the new "set-up"

Al said...

We can't wait to come play in the new game room!