Friday, February 15, 2008


Slick and I have a LOT of stuff. We are desperately trying to decrease the amount so we can enjoy what we have in a clutter free lifestyle. This is especially tough because I like our stuff. But enough is enough.

I have cleaned out my closet ( one bag worth!) and am taking it to our friendly neighborhood drop off location.


I mean it.

Along with three bags of Peep clothes from age birth to three. I know we will not use them again. I know someone else will use them. I just am not inspired to actually take them down there.

I did clean out the freezer this morning. Yuck is all I have to say about unknown origin bananas and when did I get lemon sorbet? Found it! Probably should have waited until trash day instead of just the day after trash day?


Hilldog said...

When did you get up to already have the freezer cleaned out?!!

the neighbor said...

I am inspired!! But I agree with hilldog - What time did you start today?? Love ya!

al said...

You have been busy and very productive!

Paper Girl said...

Got up at 6:45 baby!