Sunday, February 3, 2008

Slick and Slick's Friend Bob

In a land long long ago Slick lived in a really big city after undergrad and worked at a consulting firm with a bunch of eccentric men and a few wonderful ladies.

A friend of Slick's from undergrad, and I think maybe from the Men's Golf Team, Bob, also worked at the firm. The two of them, young fresh just out of college guys had many great never to be duplicated experiences- much of which I am not privy to- but one which I can see on an almost daily basis.

They had "Man Bags." You can see here Slick and Bob after a delicious dinner while Bob was in town on business and came over for dinner with their bags just last month- both still carrying them daily over 10 years after their purchase. Slick said there may have been as many as six different men at the firm with the same bags. This was the status symbol of the consultants, I think. If a consultant under 30 years old with a man bag told you what changes to make at your company to improve productivity or increase sales, it was much more believable than if a young punk told you all that was wrong with your world while carrying a pack from LL Bean, for instance.

This bag has become Slick’s purse. He takes it on almost every trip. Clearly Bob does as well. Both with the worn, unconditioned leather look from too many plane rides and too little care other than to routinely and unceremoniously dump the contents onto the bed while packing for another trip. Sometimes it holds his computer, sometimes the little tv sometimes just a stack of files and magazines. The purse has been all around the country- from San Francisco and Salt Lake City to DC and Boston. The stories that purse could tell.

Several years ago there was an episode of “Friends” where Joey gets a man bag- I think it was Joey- and that was one of the funniest episodes for us of the series! Just last week on “Rules of Engagement” was a story line about man bags. I am thinking if everyone hit the Hartman store, all of the jokes would end and people would come to realize that the Man Purse is here to stay- at least for the club of recovering consultants.

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Al said...

You made me laugh with the reference to Joey's man purse because that is what I always think of when BC carries his everyday. :)