Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Feng shui. The ancient art of having an organized and energized life. It starts with eliminating clutter in your life. Things like piles of mail. Piles of stuff. Piles of crapola. Today I took a box from Busia and Papa's house home with me. It had been there since June 2006. I'm pretty confident that there is nothing in the box Slick or I need. Nevertheless I will be going through it just in case and proudly tossing the rest.

We are Feng shuing a few things- keeping the toilet seats down. Keeping the closet doors closed. Having fresh flowers in the house- thenk you Papa for today's additions.

I have been getting the About.com Feng shui info sheet for a few weeks. Anyone have anything to add that we can do without moving walls?? I'm thinking of moving the office downstairs and clustering the sleeping rooms up stairs- but I need a working phone jack to run the fax machine and the one in the guest room doesn't work right now. No worries- I have hit the big super center with a hardware section and purchased 100 feet of round phone wire. I have looked up how to install a phone jack. All I am waiting for now is the courage brought on by having an accomplice...



Anonymous said...

Just call the phone company, silly! They will install a phone jack in half an hour..worth every penny of your time that it will take you to figure it out.

Big Daddy said...


Put the wire down and step away from the wall! Call the yellow house and ask for your neighborly low voltage specialist who will install that jack for the low price of.....Several(More than 1 but less than 12)of those dastardly gin concoctions the Slick makes so well.

The Big Daddy

Hilldog said...

Go with Big Daddy he seems to have a good plan!!

Tam said...

Have you considered a wireless phone jack? Then you can move it anywhere you like? We got these for our DishNetwork and they work like a dream!