Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dog Tired

You might have heard the phrase Dog Tired. I can tell you Putter-Rooskey is DOG TIRED today.
I went outside to look for duct tape- which I can not find- to repair the soaker hose my parents so graciously gave me for free. I now know the adage "you get what you pay for" in real terms. Three holes... if you think three holes in a soaker hose is nothing... let me tell you- all of the water squirts out of the holes at an alarming rate and the end of the hose never even gets wet. I digress...

Anyway- Putter Dog followed me to the back and sprawled on the driveway. Before I could get back out with my camera, she had relocated to the grass. And upon approach with the camera... she turned over for a tummy scratch. Man she is worn slap out form laying on her bed all morning.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's Happy List Time!

Ten things to be happy about this week...

1. Knotty Knotes
2. chicken salad from scratch
3. summer peaches preferably from Edgefield, SC
4. grilled hot dogs
5. Capistrano
6. knowing where you stand
7. pedometers
8. worn in hats
9. bulbs growing
10. brilliance

Working to get Knotty Knotes ready for the World Trade Center "Market" in June. I hate to brag and everything- but if you check out the Press release from the WTC yo might find mention of Knotty Knotes making their debut at Market. Just a little something else to be happy about...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hello New Jersey!

We're back.

Lulu and I were gone a couple of days. To the Big Apple.

We HAD HAD HAD to go to the National Stationery Show to check things in the business out. We were scouting to see if we needed to exhibit there next year. We were stealing ideas from other wholesalers about their booth design and construction. We walked and walked through row after beautiful row of paper goods and stationery and cards and invitations.

It took two days.

We were there for three.

On the third day... Lulu tried some new things.
We went to the top of the Empire State Building. Lulu doesn't do heights. She did on day three. Then we had to rush rush rush back to the hotel to check out by our late time of 1:00 because the dang line was just SO long that we were not able to leisurely look out along the sides of the city- but we were up long enough to snap this shot of ourselves. That is not a fake backdrop in the background! That is the REAL New York sky with the puffy clouds and everything! We even said Hello to New Jersey from up there!

Then we walked forever trying to find Lulu some cheap t-shirt souvenirs. She thought she had seen them a block up from our hotel at Grand Central Terminal.

She was wrong. Long wrong. We walked to Times Square.
Carrying our carry on bags.

Mine containing a computer... then got a t-shirt, lunch (Lulu suggested a place called Subway- I said- that is the REAL subway...) and then it started raining! We had to make a quick decision. Get soaked before our flight since there was nary a cab to be had or take the subway back to GCT.

You're right. We took the subway!

At the airport Lulu and I were interviewed by the New York Post on a story about AMR deciding to charge for all checked bags for poor souls in coach. We were of course against it.

See Lulu's inclusion in the story here. I know, they spelled her name wrong. Not to worry. I e-mailed the author and told him that it was an error! He replied that he was terribly sorry and he must have gotten bad information form the reporter to whom we spoke. I am thinking he should print a correction. Odds are probably against it, though...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Saturday, May 17, 2008

You know what I'm saying?

Vernacular. calls it "the language or vocabulary peculiar to a class or profession." I am thinking it is also a particular language or vocabulary for a family.

I know we have words that we have made up and/or use differently than the rest of the civilized people in the big city. Today Lulu said we could put the "quiatus" on something. She was saying we could put a hiatus on it- and stop talking about it- be quiet- put the "quiatus" on it.

The holiday in February with hearts and flowers: Vollentimes. Memaw was the perfect vernacular speaker. Happy Vollentimes Day to us all.

Tored. Being worn slap out. Lulu and I are TORED TORED TORED from working in the flower beds all afternoon. They look goooood.

What kinds of vernacular do you have?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mayfest? FUUUUN!

Mayfest has come and gone but I have just downloaded (uploaded?) the pictures. Here you see the Premier Big City Family Festival in full Peep fun! It was a couple of years ago that the Central Committee came up with the cute idea to have the photo opportunities in the park to mark your progress from Peep to grownup.
The Peep loved getting her picture taken!
Almost as much as she loved getting her face painted on her leg. Thanks to Miss Becky the wonderful face painter who is willing to paint a shin.
And if you ask the Peep what her FAVORITE part of Mayfest is... she says the ice cream from the ice cream stand. The stand looks like the cones they serve. Here she is with a funny smile showing off her ice cream. Already she, and the rest of us, are looking forward to Mayfest 2009!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Love the Zoo

Today is the Peep's last day of Zoo School for this school year. Slick and I are going up at the designated parent time to see all of the kids in the classroom, share snack and hear a song. Or something like that.

She is really excited to go back in the fall- which is apparently cool with them- as there is a three year revolving curriculum. I thought Museum School would be a good choice- until I found out it is only 2 hours long.

I mean, what can I get into in only 2 hours a week?? Hello??

And there is not currently a museum as it has been demolished to make way for the new and improved museum. So last summer when we went to the zoo and looked around and said hey do you think this would be fun to do every week for 3 hours Peep was like YES!

Well when we drive by the construction zone of the museum... it is a little harder to sell.

We have loved the zoo time- learning about the animals, meeting new friends, going into the zoo almost every week and having animal visitors in the class room! A penguin the first week! And snakes, a porcupine, an alligator, a macaw... the list goes on!

Thank you to the zoo genius who thought getting edZOOcated was a good idea. It has been great for all of us!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby it's really cold inside!

Dare I say that on Saturday after the AC brainiacs left that the downstairs was... cold?! They claim that all of the ducts are now (again) connected and even on the hot hot hot Saturday, we were shivering!

Which leads to Sunday. A lovely Mother's Day by any standard. Made even more lovely this year because the Peep and Slick did all of the dishes. Heaven. I really don't mind doing dishes but it was wonderful to sit and visit and know that they were being handled by a 4 year old and her daddy!

So things to be happy about today- along with tons of clean dishes:
1. French silk pie
2. Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls
3. Hash brown quiche
4. Cards signed in many colors
5. Sisters agreeing to share the spotlight
6. Vacation Drinks
7. Champagne with lunch
8. fresh pineapple
9. all of the family at one table
10. pink polka dot plants

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

Someday our AC will be fixed.

Not today, like I thought when I made the appointment yesterday with the AC company.

Not last week when they came out and spent about 4 hours here tuning up the two units.

Not the last 6 times they have been here over the course of the 22 months we have lived here- not to mention the bi-annual trips to tune the units.

Not the time they installed a package unit the size of a Volkswagen beetle in the back yard. Not the time they came over and replaced the heat exchanger in the attic.

Man they have been here lots of times. And yet, we are still providing a nice climate controlled environment for the wildlife in and around the big city.

And now I look bad about it- and have for quite some time- as anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I am more than accommodating for service people.

When they called today to let me know that their smallest technician was assigned to the case because our crawl hole is only 24 inches square- but that he is no longer available today because of the trouble he is having with some other unit... all I said was "Great, when can he come back?" When last week's technician said "Wow, I am overwhelmed by the amount of service you need," I said talk to your boss and send someone else. When the bozo who tuned our heater in November said we needed a new heat exchanger and that he was going to turn off the gas to the house 24 hours before the first cold spell of the winter: "How much or the new heater?" When the install team said the duct work was sealed and secure but the plumbers the next day said AC was blowing under the house- I called and said "Send someone out, please."

Everyone who knows me has said we need to fire the AC people and get someone else. But from what I can tell everyone else is a schiester too unless you hassle them and man this sure has been a hassle... I'll let you know if we are really truly fixed on Saturday. I have little faith that we will be...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Feng shui. The ancient art of having an organized and energized life. It starts with eliminating clutter in your life. Things like piles of mail. Piles of stuff. Piles of crapola. Today I took a box from Busia and Papa's house home with me. It had been there since June 2006. I'm pretty confident that there is nothing in the box Slick or I need. Nevertheless I will be going through it just in case and proudly tossing the rest.

We are Feng shuing a few things- keeping the toilet seats down. Keeping the closet doors closed. Having fresh flowers in the house- thenk you Papa for today's additions.

I have been getting the Feng shui info sheet for a few weeks. Anyone have anything to add that we can do without moving walls?? I'm thinking of moving the office downstairs and clustering the sleeping rooms up stairs- but I need a working phone jack to run the fax machine and the one in the guest room doesn't work right now. No worries- I have hit the big super center with a hardware section and purchased 100 feet of round phone wire. I have looked up how to install a phone jack. All I am waiting for now is the courage brought on by having an accomplice...


Monday, May 5, 2008

10 things for the week!

1. ramekins
2. Beer Men
3. lunch served poolside
4. rhinestone covered shirts
5. fresh movie popcorn
6. instant mashed potatoes with gravy
7. open air stadiums
8. money bands
9. Bounce fabric sheets
10. sinking into a comfortable chair, see right...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Birthday HillDog!

My sister. I remember the day- 29 years ago that she was born. I was at Memaw and Peepaws farm in Sulphur Springs and we got the call when they said after months of waiting she was born.
Then a few days later Memaw and I drove home to see her. We got to our house before my parents and we did not have a key so we played in the front yard for what seemed like HOURS waiting.

I am pretty sure that when Chief and Lulu got to our house, HillDog was in the front seat in Lulu's arms- not in the now required by law car seat in the back seat facing the back window. She was wearing a white dress- I think with pink rosebude on it- but they might have been yellow.

Then we went inside ans sat on the gold fabric sofa and I got to give her a bottle- and that was the beginning... Now she's an elementary school special ed teacher, an aunt, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a domino player, a canasta partner. Wow what can change.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Get Happy

Good Day! Mayfest starts today- the 4 day family festival in Fort Worth along the banks of the Trinity River at University and I-30. HillDog and I have been on the committee in the past- but are not this year- but we will all, Slick, Peep, Hilldog and I be there over the weekend. There are bands, food vendors, games and an are area.
Here is the Peep last year getting her face painted on her leg! WOW how much she has changed in a year!
As if Mayfest is not enough to be excited about... Kenny Chesney comes to town on Saturday... enough said there...

For the rest of you who could care less about Mayfest and Kenny- Here are 10 Things to be Happy About

1. fresh hair color
2. short socks
3. short order talk
4. popcorn at the movies
5. firm handshakes
6. candy making
7. paper-white gardenias
8. car washing
9. not skulking
10. ambrosia