Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

Someday our AC will be fixed.

Not today, like I thought when I made the appointment yesterday with the AC company.

Not last week when they came out and spent about 4 hours here tuning up the two units.

Not the last 6 times they have been here over the course of the 22 months we have lived here- not to mention the bi-annual trips to tune the units.

Not the time they installed a package unit the size of a Volkswagen beetle in the back yard. Not the time they came over and replaced the heat exchanger in the attic.

Man they have been here lots of times. And yet, we are still providing a nice climate controlled environment for the wildlife in and around the big city.

And now I look bad about it- and have for quite some time- as anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I am more than accommodating for service people.

When they called today to let me know that their smallest technician was assigned to the case because our crawl hole is only 24 inches square- but that he is no longer available today because of the trouble he is having with some other unit... all I said was "Great, when can he come back?" When last week's technician said "Wow, I am overwhelmed by the amount of service you need," I said talk to your boss and send someone else. When the bozo who tuned our heater in November said we needed a new heat exchanger and that he was going to turn off the gas to the house 24 hours before the first cold spell of the winter: "How much or the new heater?" When the install team said the duct work was sealed and secure but the plumbers the next day said AC was blowing under the house- I called and said "Send someone out, please."

Everyone who knows me has said we need to fire the AC people and get someone else. But from what I can tell everyone else is a schiester too unless you hassle them and man this sure has been a hassle... I'll let you know if we are really truly fixed on Saturday. I have little faith that we will be...


Anonymous said...

Get a new service company!!

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al said...

Good luck my friend! I'm sure we will be there soon. We are waiting for our 15 year old A/C units to crash any day now. They look prehistoric compared to all of our neighbor's nice units from this century.