Thursday, May 1, 2008

Get Happy

Good Day! Mayfest starts today- the 4 day family festival in Fort Worth along the banks of the Trinity River at University and I-30. HillDog and I have been on the committee in the past- but are not this year- but we will all, Slick, Peep, Hilldog and I be there over the weekend. There are bands, food vendors, games and an are area.
Here is the Peep last year getting her face painted on her leg! WOW how much she has changed in a year!
As if Mayfest is not enough to be excited about... Kenny Chesney comes to town on Saturday... enough said there...

For the rest of you who could care less about Mayfest and Kenny- Here are 10 Things to be Happy About

1. fresh hair color
2. short socks
3. short order talk
4. popcorn at the movies
5. firm handshakes
6. candy making
7. paper-white gardenias
8. car washing
9. not skulking
10. ambrosia


lulu said...

We're happy - in addition to Kenny on Saturday night, Three Fools on Three Stools are at Mayfest on Sunday morning at 11:30. Our weekend is complete...if only the AC was fixed at LM.

you almost wouldn't recognize the Peep!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! How I miss Mayfest in Ft Worth>