Saturday, May 17, 2008

You know what I'm saying?

Vernacular. calls it "the language or vocabulary peculiar to a class or profession." I am thinking it is also a particular language or vocabulary for a family.

I know we have words that we have made up and/or use differently than the rest of the civilized people in the big city. Today Lulu said we could put the "quiatus" on something. She was saying we could put a hiatus on it- and stop talking about it- be quiet- put the "quiatus" on it.

The holiday in February with hearts and flowers: Vollentimes. Memaw was the perfect vernacular speaker. Happy Vollentimes Day to us all.

Tored. Being worn slap out. Lulu and I are TORED TORED TORED from working in the flower beds all afternoon. They look goooood.

What kinds of vernacular do you have?


lulu said...

Remember, Big Auntie always loved her "hygeraniums."

Memaw also always said survel for several. kisses!!

Hilldog said...

don't forget about our new fav saying "crouch" that came to us from your wonderful neighbor!!

The Big Daddy said...

Instead or "tored" I would use the phrase "wore slap ass out" about myself.

Zan Jones, Founder of Sales JaZ said...

My aunt says, "tye-a-nol" instead of tylenol and "canul" instead of candle (the old silent "d"). My favorite is what my daughter calls "nibbles." You know, "Mom, I can see your nibbles thru you bathing suit."