Friday, June 27, 2008

Rested and Ready to Make 'em

Thank you everyone for the well wishes and thoughts last week while HillDog, Lulu and I were at Market. Thank you to Chief and Slick for the relief in the booth from time to time! There were only several thousand attendees and only 1,500 of them that we talked to... we handed out samples and information sheets until we were blue in the face... to match our shirts.

Man- to see us we looked pretty good.

There were hundreds of people- you know I am an exaggerator- but this time I am serious- hundreds of people told us they love the Knotty Knotes. We are hoping that from the hundreds of the samples and order forms we have distributed that we will start getting orders...

There were a few orders at market- but "fewer than twenty."

That said- HillDog and I are counting paper right now and have had to reorder paper to make the the orders!!! Yeah!!!

Here you see that sorority sisters are as wonderful as real sisters and that they are there for you whenever you need them!!

Thank you friends and thank you family. I still think we are on a great path, we just need to keep plugging...

I love you all!


The neighbor said...

Look at those pearls!! Stylish anytime anywhere! Knotty Knotes are great and we can't wait to start tying more knots and stapling more info sheets:)

al said...

You all looked great! I feel certain the orders will start coming in from all of those "We'll be back" visitors. I'm so proud of you and was excited to see it all in action!