Saturday, July 12, 2008


I can't get the Adobe Flash player to work on my vistafied computer. I have been trying for about 45 minutes. I have downloaded and installed and downloaded and installed and rebooted and downloaded and installed.

Uber frustrating for a girl who is just trying to see the Kevin Costner trailer for the new movie coming out in August and then to see the web page of the restaurant Slick and I are trying to go to tonight. Seriously. How can I know what to wear to dinner if I can't see the restaurant and the menu?? Comfy pants? Sassy jeans? Sassy shorts?

I have announced that someone smarter than I will have to figure it out.

The Peep just made the following announcement: "I can help, I am smarter than you."

And Slick said: "And so it begins..."


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