Thursday, July 31, 2008

Welcome Back!

I almost forgot my password!

It has been TOO LONG since I logged on and let you know how things are going.

In a word: Busy. I know we all lead busy lives and I hate to say that I am busy when so many of my three readers do more in their days than I, (two boys, working full time outside the home, three kids) so I will say:if you have a scheduling or organization tip that you love, please SHARE! So far I have been using Outlook Calendar and it gets me where I need to be on time- I just seem to run out of day before I run out of "to dos."

Last week Slick, the Peep and I made an unscheduled trip to the Land of Lincoln for Papa's brother's funeral. It was wonderful to see so many of "The Family" there, though the circumstances were sad. Brother lived a long and full life leaving a wife of I think 55 years and a lovely daughter as well as many many nieces nephews and cousins.

The Peep was a dream to travel with watching her "little TV" portable DVD player on the plane both ways and sleeping in the other double bed in the hotel room like a princess. She especially loved the door that connected us to Busia and Papa's room! I think they had as much fun with it as she did!

Missed you all!


Penelope said...

we missed YOU!!! glad you are back. that travelling story is a dream. Jake is that good. Luke is that bad. fill us in!!!
ps. just found a really cool calendar...not in hand, yet, but i think it has great potential. its called the (i think)

the neighbor said...

glad you are back!!!!

al said...

I'm so glad you're back! Sorry you weren't busy doing fun things. You were definitely missed!