Friday, August 1, 2008


Putter Rooskey likes Dwayne the Mailman.

Maybe a little too much.

We have a walking mailman and a slot in our front door for the mail. We used to have a tacky gold colored rusty mailbox on the wall beside of our front door but I did not like it and finally took it down after we lived here about a year.

EVERY DAY Putter waits for Dwayne. She gets up form one of her 25 naps of the day to sit in the front window waiting for him to appear. She runs to the door and "helps bring in the mail" by grabbing it, barking and running into the game room next door to the front door because the windows look out onto the front yard and she can show Dwayne how helpful she is.

Or something like that.

One day I was in the front yard when Dwayne happened by and just took the mail from him. I mentioned how excited Putter gets when he comes and that she likes to run around with the mail in her mouth all over the downstairs spreading it like Easter eggs for us to find. He said, "Yeah, I have five or six aggressive dogs on my route." AGGRESSIVE?

My sweet tri-colored-slightly overweight-though-not-as-much-as-she-was-since-we have-been-feeding-her-diet-dog-food-for-three-years-beagle??

OK, there was about 18 months when she did not like the crazy neighbors much- but I think she is mostly over that now that the Cooking Momma knows where the treat jar is in the pantry...


lulu said...

I thought everybody liked their mail with dog toothprints on it..

the crazy neighbor said...

My treat jar needs a refill if I am to continue my ever expanding relationship with the putter. :)

al said...

Putter's not crazy, just enthusiastic. I bet the mail coming through the door is the highlight of her day. Putter does like to build relationships over her treats, doesn't she. :)