Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sunny and not (quite) as hot

What a lovely week- it is sunny and warm- but only in the 90's... while I am certain it will get back to the 100's sooner than later, it has been nice to go outside and not be stifled by the heat immediately. The peep has ridden her bike this week "all the way to the gates of the college up the street" and last week all the way to Hill-Dog's 4 blocks over! Very fun!

It's almost back to school time so I must send you to HillDog Teaches- I am sure she will be back up and running with wonderful stories about her kiddos. She was in her classroom yesterday for the first time since summer started to discover that the whole school had been painted... un-planned and unorganized. The painters tore off all of the bulletin boards and dropped them in the middle of the rooms of every teacher. Everyone is scrambling to remake and rehang EVERYTHING. The Peep and I are going up to help this morning...

Time for happiness:

1. Opportunity knocking
2. fields of corn
3. fresh pencils
4. comfy chairs
5. clean floors
6. running a corporation
7. neighbors
8. gravy
9. sweet tea
10. old friends
P.S. Hi Theresa :)

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al said...

The Peep looks very stylish and ready to go for a bike ride! I hope you were able to help HillDog get her room put back together.