Sunday, August 17, 2008

Was it a sign?

So this summer the Peeper's zoo school has been off on Wednesdays so that she can have a relaxing summer with her family and friends. Don't tell her- she has still been going to the regular preschool that she always goes to three days a week. She loves it and I hated to have her sit with me all the time getting all out of whack so she got to keep going all June and July and August. This week there is in service on Thursday and Friday- two days I need most for her to be in school- but thus is the life of a busy mom...??

Anyway- all of that to say that on Wednesdays this summer she has had the opportunity to have some different breakfasts than during the school year- things like chocolate chip waffles. Last week she asked for blueberry muffins. Always ready with a Betty Crocker Duncan Heinz whatever twice the blueberries mix and a teaspoon of almond extract, I made a batch. They were super tasty.

Thursday I was going to spend all day working on one of my volunteer jobs. I dropped the Peep at school and hit it back home, grabbed two of the day-old muffins and sat at the computer. Just as I sat down, someone called my cell phone I had forgotten in my purse in the kitchen and while I went to catch it, Putter ate one of the muffins.

I walked in to the office and she was licking the paper towel...

So I was wondering... is that a sign that I was supposed to only eat one muffin??


lulu said...

I don't think it was a sign - I think Putter loves your cooking!

al said...

Maybe Putter arranged for your phone to ring so you would have to get up from the table. She does like to sneak the food off the table when she thinks nobody is looking. :) Smart dog!