Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Dark Side of the Fridge

Several days ago Slick was getting healthy and decided to make tea.
In a Wal-Mart glass jug with a pink plastic spigot on the front.
And then he had to run out of town to Minnesota for a couple of days.
And the tea sat unnoticed by me in the fridge.
And drained from the jug. Into the fridge. Where it froze to the water reservoir in the back of the fridge behind the crisper that we did not know even existed but which might explain why our water dispenser had stopped working after internally freezing.
So Slick was playing golf all afternoon and I was defrosting his literally iced tea from the refrigerator. What do you get after melting iced tea? That's right. Cold liquid tea that runs into the cheese drawer requiring over an hour of dis-assembly of the three crispers and countless wiping out with a formerly blue now "tea stained" brown sponge.
And during all of this, the fridge kept beeping at me to let me know that the doors were open longer then the fridge thought necessary.
Man I hate tea.


al said...

Sounds like you had all the fun. I don't like tea either - especially the stains it makes on my lovely white laminate counters.

Anonymous said...

man no wonder you haven't called me back- you have been really busy! This is a perfect example of why you should never purchase anything from Wal-Mart. My new diswasher arrives today and I am super excited!

lulu said...

amen to the WalMart! Al, a little comet will take the stain out of your counters. If you haven't gotten all of the cleaning out of your system Paper Girl, I know where you can find another fridge that needs cleaning out.....

Anonymous said...

Good gracious. That's a whole lot of not fun.

Al, you can also use envo-friendly baking soda on those tea stains. Just be aware that you'll have to wipe up grit too!