Sunday, September 7, 2008

Time capsule

This week we have had a lot of stuff!

It was the Peep's first day ever of dance at the studio recommended to us by the crazy neighbor.

Then we had Chief's 60th birthday.

Then we had Slick and my's 10th wedding anniversary.

Then the Peep was at a college concert with Pat Green.

Then we had over 40 people in the front yard for the 'wurst tailgate ever.

Then the Peep had a stunt done especially for her by the collegiate cheerleaders. The guy holding up the super cute Tiffany yelled to the Peep during the stunt, "Hey Peep... this stunt is for you!!"

Then Slick and I "did calendars" like we try to do every Sunday morning and I realized this is going to be another crazy week!

Here are Chief and the Peep from last weekend in San Antonio. Happy Birthday Chiefie. We love you.


lulu said...

Great Pic!! Iknow your anniv. was wonderful - the tailgate was GREAT - I don't see a slack for "busy weeks" before next June !!

al said...

What a week! Sorry to miss the 'wurst tailgate ever. I hope your anniversary and Chief's birthday were great. It sounds like you had a lot of fun.