Thursday, October 30, 2008


Busia called and let me know there were two errors in the Halloween post!!! Aunt Frances's husband's name was George, not Frank as reported.

And the mirror we have above the "bar" is really from Busia's parents house- not from Aunt Frances's house. Though she is pretty sure that all of the sisters: Stella, Frances and Josaphine had the mirrors... I love when all of the sisters have the same things!! Memaw and Big Auntie had several things that they both had- and I think Aunt Iris and Lucille had some of them too and possibly Aunt Velma and Cleo or Queen had some of the "good stuff" too...

I love family names!!!!


Hilldog said...

I love those family names too!

lulu said...

I love that EVERYBODY had one of everything!! More to pass around..