Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rain, Rain.

When I was sitting in the carpool line today waiting for the Peep, light rain started falling and I was taken by the fact that I could not remember the last time I had just sat and listened to the rain.

It is a lovely sound falling through the leaves where birds and squirrels are snuggled up together against the dots of cool water. It made a nice pattern on my windshield and was cool and refreshing coming through the air vents.

I hope it comes and goes quickly today so that the tailgate party tomorrow will go off well... in the meantime, let us all take a minute to relax and let the rain fall on us.


Hilldog said...

nicely stated!

lulu said...

the rain is wonderful.....except if you happen to be running from the parking lot to the chick fil a and get caught in the downpour....maybe another day..

al said...

So true. If only I could actually slow down long enough to enjoy it. :)

CookingMama said...

I am waiting on the mantel pic and script