Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ten Things

My poker friends just left for the month and while I am still up I thought I'd throw out a 10 things to be happy about list since it was so fun to be with them here at the house in the Big City.

1. Drinking from Waterford glasses for no reason at all
2. friends cooking
3. knowing the rules, and following them
4. loving your friends
5. reunions
6. volunteering for a good cause
7. for fun necklaces
8. warm brownies
9. Tito's
10. the babysitters


lulu said...

I vote yes on the Tito's - and it's great in Waterford!

Amanda said...

So I think I am included in your 10 things to smile about because I'm a babysitter.... or should I say 'peeper-sitter' :-D