Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Monday!

Time for a Monday Happy List!!!
Peeper on born on day...

This week is the Peep's 5th Birthday so we are pretty birthday'd up here in the big city! She just sang "Happy Birthday to Me" to herself and we took the cupcakes for the class from the oven just a few minutes ago.

Happy List for the week:

1. Homemade cupcakes
2. Bakery cookies just for you
3. Pizza with the class
4. Paul Frank house shoes
5. A front yard birthday party
6. presents! presents! presents!
7. fancy dinner for your birthday
8. Birthday Cake for Breakfast!!
9. party store poppers
10. purple paper plates

Peeper the week of Halloween!


Hilldog said...

Too cute!! Happy Birthday Week Peeper!!

al said...

Happy Birthday Peeper! We sure had fun with you this weekend and can't wait to celebrate your birthday!

lulu said...

Keep up the good celebrating - it's a wonderful family trait and has to be learned!!

to the top ten - #11 - Petit fours (or cake squares) yummy !!

the crazy neighbor said...

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you...Happy birthday dear Stella - the goods love you!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Peep! I can't believe you're 5!

Congrats for being such a great mom Dawn, and oh, TAG you're IT. See my blog for details.