Saturday, December 20, 2008

Good Morning

Putter Rooster woke me up with the "Buddy Wake Up Game" this morning at 6:02. For those of you who are not familiar with that particular game, it goes like this:

The Peep wakes up and calls out, "Mommy, I'm still asleep. Come wake me up!"

Then I go into her messy messy messy room and find two stuffed animals, buddies, to play with to "wake her up."

The buddies say things like, "We can't get her to wake up," and "it's a school day today, I hope I get to be the sleeping time buddy!"

Eventually the Peep gets up and we start the day.

Putter's version involves rolling around on the bed on her back scratching off all of the shedding fur onto our white blanket and sneezing a lot.

Man kids are fun.


the crazy neighbor said...

Yeah...that is a little early.I am so glad you can think up that many things to say at 6 am....:)

lulu said...

The thing I like to say best is "go downstairs and watch TV, we'll be down in a little while".

Penelope said...

If kids are so much fun, when are you havin' another? :)