Sunday, January 11, 2009

0 for 2

Slick likes to cook and I like to eat. And Slick likes to choose restaurants and we both like to eat. Last week we were 0 for 2.

The first night last week we went to dinner it did no even start out well... the Peeper sitter was 30 minutes late after a case of food poisoning the night before- yikes!

Slick had reservations at 3 of our favorite COW restaurants. We chose the one in Downtown Big City because the Legendary Stock Show is coming to town soon and we did not think we would be able to get in for a few weeks.

We sit and the young lady who comes over asks us How we are? Great we say. Is this our first time at the Cow Ranch? Nope we say. We are old hat and we are excited for some cow. Excellent she says. Then How are we? Well... we just told you we were great. Still are but now thinking you are a moron!

Then our waiter comes over- an 89% dead ringer for my cousin David-Fred. Freaky. We order my favorite indulgence- Still Bottled Water. David-Fred II might never have served it before. Slick's 209 G and T comes with a dry lime and so does my Fancy H2O. Nice. Dry limes. Yum.

The Happytisers come- strange Calamari Worms- not at all what we remembered from a previous trip- with catsup mixed with jalapenos- "cowboy cocktail sauce?" Poor guys...

Then forever- and two bottles of water later- thanks to Slick keeping my glass full- out comes our cow. Mine is so tough that while the server is waiting and I try to saw through it to show him that it was indeed cooked to perfection, I have to get a new knife that is tighter in the handle...

Slick's cow looks nice- it was supposed to come with cook's butter on the top... We were thinking that the cow would be hot enough to melt the butta... I guess we were wrong.

When Slick asked David-Fred II what the deal was- that our food felt cool and that it seemed that it had been sitting waiting for us for a while... DFII said- "What you are tasting is exactly right. You really have a good taster." Well duh.

Then the next time DFII comes over I tell him how hard my "untenderloin" is. I am a girl who has had a fair share of cow. I know a good tenderloin. This was suitable for a shoe. DFII's response- I am not kidding- "Well out of every 100 tenderloins, there are always a few that aren't up to par." It was all I could do not to laugh in his face. We were paying good money for bad food. DFII did offer to get me a new fillet of sole but I was almost full of the tasty but cold cheese grits. No thanks- I don't need another under par tenderloin tonight.

Apparently DFII thought we were fair complainers so he told the manager who gave us some random discounts off of our meals- like 45% or something equally strange- and on out way out- the manager walked in the other direction away from us and hid in the kitchen.


More musings of try number two soon!

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lulu said...

so, no more trips to that place - sorry David Fred II - nice new background!