Sunday, January 18, 2009

A trip to the stockshow!

The Peep, Lulu and I went to the Big City to the Stock Show today. It was fun and a beating all rolled into one!

The peep was up at the crack of 6:00 because she did not want to be late... we got her back into bed to have her reemerge at 7:30 calling for everyone to get up!! We had to get going soon!

After a tasty country breakfast complete with gravy, thank you Lulu, we made it at the early time of about 11:00. On the way inside I laid down the law. We were here to loo and have fun, but we would not be buying any hats, boots, chaps, tractors or horses. Ok by everyone.

We met Lucy 3 in the information booth and we had no more than said hi and given her hugs then she asked the Peep if she wanted to go get a pink cowboy hat...!! At least the Peep had the good sense to look at me before yelling yes and running off with Lucy 3 into the exhibition area...

Ten minutes later she could not have looked cuter in a pink straw hat- which I will say she kept up with by herself for the remainder of the day!

Off to look around and after a couple rows of hats, boots, tractors and salsa makers, the Peep was ready for animals!

We passed through the stage and food area and stumbled upon the Ballet Folklorica and watched for three dances- they were cool and the Peep was fine to leave knowing they traditionally preform at the Big City's Mayfest... We hit the FFA Barnyard to check on the big momma pig and her 16 piglets, the goats, the checks hatching before your very eyes and the guinea foul.

Then a trip to the magic show and a look at cows, longhorns and a few goats.

The Peep wants to know why we don't have a cow. I said because we live in the city... I don't think she's going to take that as a good answer for long!


lulu said...

well, she has a horse, I don't know why she can't have a cow, seems like one should follow the other...

Paper Girl said...

Riiiight. But the horse requires no food, water or place to roam other than in her imagination.

Hilldog said...

Sounds like a fun time was had by all!!! We are going to make a return trip so Aunt Hilldog can get the low down on how to navigate the show!