Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It may be funny today

It may be funny today. I thought it was funny yesterday. And Sunday. Slick not so much. but it might be funny today.

Last week Slick got his new crackberry for work. The Blackberry 8830 or something. It is pretty cool.

While on vacation last week in sunny Florida we turned on the navigator and went all around the Tampa/ St. Pete area and had a great time. Until we tried to go to the Tampa Children's Museum. Apparently whoever posted all of the exciting reviews on line that we looked at Sunday morning neglected to mention that it was closed. And demolished.

We arrived there just in time to see the dump truck out front and it was lovely. New plan. Let's go to the Dali museum and then the pool at the hotel. Great. Change the location on the navigationized fancy phone. Uh-o. Phone slipped into Slick's vat of diet Pepsi from the bagel shop. I immediately started laughing. I couldn't help it. It was funny. Slick was NOT amused. So neither was the Peep. Then I was in trouble. Jeez.

Back to the hotel to try to dry out the fancy phone. Turns out it eventually worked, but the guy at the Verizon Wireless store told Slick it would not last long- that since we were already there- on a Sunday afternoon- go ahead and get the new one for a small fee.

Check. Slick needs to sync to the computer system at the broadband company before meetings the following morning. USB cord into the bag.

We get back to the hotel with a couple of hours of sun left and hit the pool.

It is really funny how the Peep is just as happy in the pool of the hotel as she was on the beach the day earlier. I am thinking we should just go to a hotel next year and stay there the whole time...

Any way. We head into the hotel to sync the phone and computer... to discover that the Verizon Wireless guy put the wrong USB cord into the bag!! It is now 6:00 on a Sunday night.

We head out and find wal-mart across the street form a Target. The Peep vetoes wal-mart and we head for Target. The guy in the electronics department says they don't sell USB cables. They just don't have any demand for them. Really?

Slick and I look around and find a nice Wii accessory that plugs into the computer with the right connectors. $10.83 and we are in business, we hope.

By this time the Peep is pretty tired- and she is not the only one. We grab a nice Italian dinner and head back to the hotel- I think for the fifth time that day- by now it is after 9. Slick and the Peep work on the computer while I packed and at 10:00 I heard him tell the Peep to cross her fingers... Happily it worked- but not before we lost the whole day to a Clark Griswold inspired day of antics.

Thankfully the rest o the trip was calm and relaxing!

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Hilldog said...

I hope Slick called and complained about the sales guy... I mean you would think Slick would at least get good customer service...