Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Envelope Icing... Who knew?

I have just seen a wonderful item for envelopes of all types- wedding invitations to Christmas Cards!!

Envelope icing! It is a sticker printed with pretty much anything you want- your monogram, return address or just pretty colors.

The sticker wraps around the envelope so that if you have your return address on it, it is on the back and the large rectangle where you write names and addresses is on the front.

Icing is available in a full array of colors- something to match everything! And if you are super organized with your addresses... they can be printed directly onto the icing for you! That means of you have an excel document of your Christmas list, you can send it in and all of the names come pre-printed on adorable stickers ready for you to send them out!
Save precious time and be super cute in the process! What about baby announ
cements? If you have the list of anything you are sending, they can be printed and sent to you!
Check with me soon to place orders for Holiday cards and let's get together to customize an Icing look for you!

Monday, July 13, 2009

25 more now... save later

The following is a public service announcement:

Regardless of where you purchase your wedding invitations, PLEASE take the advise of the person working with you and order an additional increment- if they come in 25's, get 25 more than you think you need, if they come in 50's get 50 more.

This morning I had a bride contact me looking to get 5 more invitations. It's going to cost almost as much as her initial order to get the additional 5 she needs because we have to order 25 and pay shipping for them... if she's ordered 25 more at the time... it would have been an additional 5% of the cost of of her order! Yikes.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Getting Married in Vegas??

Hosting a Las Vegas style party or skipping town to hit the strip for your wedding? Look no further than Announce, Invite & Delight for all of your Las Vegas Destination Paper goods!

We have super cute Save the Dates, Invitations with flair, programs and napkins to match. Fancy or frivolous, we have what you need to get your Vegas on!