Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gus ready for anything

That little fuzz ball Gus...  he came into our lives quite by accident after Slick bid on him on a whim at an auction... and now we certainly love him to pieces... 

He jumps into the shower, runs up and down the stairs with us and runs outside to see what's up when ever we head out toward the car.

He's been chewing on old corks from wine bottles lately, Putter never so much as sniffed them, and I can't keep Gus out of the giant crock that they are in on the hearth.  I think that's what the brick part of the fireplace that comes into the room is called... any way - on the brick part of the floor- whatever that's called...

Mostly, he just lays on the floor wherever he falls and sleeps all day.  That dog life...  it's pretty hard.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A million years

It feels like a million years since my last post.  I am back up and running in place.   Just wanted to update everyone on what the Peep and I did for dinner tonight.  See, there's this resturant chain called Houstons.  We didn't go there, but we went to an 85% knockoff in the Big City.  The Peep decides she'll have the chicken and ribs combo, thank you very much.  Then she proceeds to power down the ribs- tastes the chicken- pronounces it "way too dry" and goes back to the ribs...  eventually asking for some of mine!  That girl is something amazing.  I just love her to pieces.  Forgot my phone at home or I would have taken a pic.  It was certainly something to behold.