Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Busy Day

So... Slick is often telling me I am up for Wife of the Year award.  Today I think I will self nominate.

Morning meeting at the Peep's school about volunteering in the library, trip to the Rec Center to walk a little on the tread mill, home to vacuum upstairs and down, brush out the little dog's fur, put away two loads of laundry, post on facebook, talk to the neighbor, shred a ton of old junk, pick up the Peep, home for homework and snack, trip to jazz, trip to Tom Thumb, pick up at jazz, cook pork tenderloin with sauteed spinach and wild rice, loaf of ultimate banana bread in the oven, kid into the bed and dogs on the lookout for whatever just made a crash on the back porch.
I sure hope it's not another suicidal squirrel...  two weeks ago on two separate days, we had little ones in the back yard.  One day it was as we were headed out to school- tiny thing- wasn't sure what ti was- but the dogs brought it to my attention, no the less- they didn't care that the carpool line was getting longer by the second, they wanted me to check out what they found... and then several nights later- about 9:30- pitch dark for these parts- another one winds up in almost the exact place.  That time, I happened to be talking to Slick on the phone and once again:  Wife of the Year nomination... luckily on our 12 year anniversary earlier this month, he decided something sparkly was in order...  award received.

I'm tired. 

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