Monday, October 31, 2011

Carpool Line

I promise not to have a million "we used to do things better in the Fort" stories... but carpool in the Fort, as crazy as it was, was super efficient compared to what the Peep and I see daily on the coast.

This morning for example:  there was a white car of indiscriminate make parked in the yellow zone, no driver.  Just parked.  People in their cars behind it trying to get our kids to school.  Having to try to maneuver around it.

But that was NOTHING compared to the car that was three spaces in front of it.  I tell you I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.  The mom in the suburban was...  putting on her make-up.  In the car pool lane.  Parked.  In the carpool lane.  With sixty or so cars waiting behind her to drop off their kids.  She was parked.  In the yellow zone.  Putting on her eye shadow and mascara.  The only thing I can guess is that the lighting in her bathroom is as bad as it is in mine and she was looking for some natural light- but really- can't you pull out of the line so the rest of us can get on with our day??  I have a list as long as Putter's tail of things to do today- and sitting behind you while you apply your (Sorry Ashley)- Blusher- is not on it...

And now for the rest of the day...  off to get Halloween Candy.  Have to wait for the last minute...  lest I EAT it all!

Have a SPOOKY day.

Friday, October 28, 2011

We have Mov-ed

We have mov-ed.  Not just moved.  But Mov-ed.  Like across the country.  Out of Tejas.  Away from the rest of the Dogs.  Perhaps this explains the lapse in the posting.  Perhaps the year and a half of living apart from Slick explains the lapse in posting.  You know... the cooking, the cleaning, the Peep tending... whatever the reason... the Papergirl is BAAAAACKKKK!!

So this is the new home base for the PaperGirl.  I mostly operate from the middle floor.  That's the one with the kitchen, but the bottom floor is the one with the Beverage Kingdom where the Diet Cokes are stored... so there is plenty of travel down there too...  The top floor is reserved for sleeping and for dog chillaxing.  Gus LOOOVES to lay on the balconies and keep watch on the 'hood.

Things are certainly different on the west coast.  For one thing it's sunny.  Almost every day.  Even if it's foggy in the morning or the evening, it was sunny sometime that day where we are on the peninsula.  Which I LOVE.  I mean what's the fun of having a lid that opens on your car if you never open it?  So now I drive with the sunroof open.  A lot.  Like every day.  I almost never did that in Tejas.

The Peeper is loving the west coast.  She loves her new school.  They eat lunch outside.  Picnic tables.  Picnic Tables.  That's right.  I said picnic tables.  I really like her school too.  It's perfectly sized- three second grade classes- one administrator- just enough PTA friends that I can remember everyone's names.

I'm hoping to make a few changes to the Papergirl sight in the coming weeks so I hope you will enjoy reconnecting with the Paperfamily.

Missed you!