Saturday, November 5, 2011

Big Vons Little Vons

Vons is the grocery store that I tend to frequent when I have to go to the store.  It's is part of the Safeway chain so it's like Tom Thumb back in the Big City.  Nice and Clean.  Stocked pretty well.  If I have my 'druthers, Slick goes to the store since he does most of the fancy cooking, but sometimes we need bread, milk and eggs and I am relegated to the store.  There is a Vons super close to our house that is more like a large convenience store attached to gas pumps, except that there aren't any gas pumps.  Same number of parking spaces though.  About nine.  Little Vons is probably ok if all I wanted was truly milk, bread and eggs, but inevitably I end up with one or five things on the list that little Vons doesn't carry and I leave frustrated that I even stopped there.  Inconvenience store if you ask me.

Big Vons...  now there's a store.  Even I will go to the store with a smile for Big Vons.  It is the biggest regular grocery store I remember being inside.  They have all kinds of things.  Not fancy and exotic things like Central Market or clever things like Trader Joes, but lots of choices for regular people kinds of foods.  Wild rice.  I was looking for regular old original recipe Uncle Ben's Long Cooking Wild Rice last week to go beside roasted chicken with cherry sauce.  Little Vons only has the pre-cooked reheat in the microwave version of wild rice.   I don't like that kind.  I like the old school orange box with the nice picture of Uncle Ben on it.

Had to go to Big Vons for it.  And while I was there I had to get a can of cherries for the cherry sauce because apparently cherries that aren't in gooey mess but packed in water are not for stocking at little Vons either.

Just last week Slick told me about Pavillions.  Apparently it's a super fancy Vons.

I can't wait to go... I wonder how big it is...?


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