Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Reading!

Time to break out the reading glasses, fuzzy blankets and hot chocolate because I have a book recommendation that you will LOVE and because when we meet here in February to talk about it the AUTHOR will be here with us!

Marking Time is the book and click on the name if you want to go directly to Amazon to get a copy and start reading,  Like right now is when I suggest you start.  Unless you have something to do within the next three days because that's how long it will take to read and you will not want to stop once you start.  I promise.

I have tweated with the author, April White, and she is lovely and she has agreed to stop by the blog for a lively discussion of the book.  While you are reading, send me any questions you think of and I will see about including them in the discussion.  Early February works for me and I  will get with Ms. White's agent to see what is a good day and let you know when you need to have read it by.  You will not want to miss the discussion and you will seriously want to have read about Saira and Archer and the rest of her friends by then.

Here is a review from another reader from Belgium and as strange as it may sound, it is as if I were writing the review myself!  As I read what she had to say about the characters and plot I decided to just link to her and skip reviewing myself because... well... I'd have been saying almost all of the exact same things!  Well said Majanka!

Now get to it and read away!!!

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