Monday, January 28, 2008

Peace and Quiet at last

For the last several months the electric company has sporadically been in our back yard working on the lines. They came the first time I think in October. They finished on Thursday of last week. They had to change the cross bars, pull wire and then pull lines.

On two poles.

This would be fine except that it required the banishment of Putter Rooskey to Chief and Lulu's house because the first day the guys came she barked for 4 hours. Non stop. She almost gave both of us a heart attack. So I convinced the contractors of the big bad electric company that if they wanted access to my poles again, they should come by the day before and let me know so I could take care of the dog.

Thankfully they agreed and now we are indebted to my parents for their dog hospitality- and we did not even get to go on a trip for it! I mean if Slick and I have gone somewhere for the last 5 years, Chief and Lulu have been glad to watch Putter, but for all of these days of noise, we were here listening to it! You can see in the pictures that there were a few trucks and lots of equipment. It was all loud. And the 10 or so guys here working in the back yard. Friendly, but in our yard!

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dlyn said...

I can sympathise - our dog barks at everything and nothing and no one can convince him to stop if he thinks barking is warranted. Nice blog - I will be back to check it out some more!