Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shiny Shoes

By now you are probably aware that the Peep loves shoes. She has more pair that she wears than I do. She has flips, sandals, other sparkly flips, light up princess, the boots, house shoes, purple crocs, house shoes and now a pair of sparkly light up Mary Jane's.
The new sparklers first appeared in our lives when we were shopping at Peep's Shoe Mecca and found the boots.
Last weekend we had to return to Shoe Mecca to exchange the
boots as wearing the same pair of shoes 24hours a day will cause them to look about 4 years old in only 3 weeks. For the price of the boots, I'd like them to last longer than 3 weeks.
Mecca was wonderful and a new pair actually arrived here yesterday via courier. When I told the Peep she was going to need to alternate her boots with another pair of shoes, and that Mecca did not have any boots at the store and they were going to send us some, she announced that she would like the sparkly light up shoes from the previous trip, please and let's hurry.
The girl is smart and now we are the proud owners of a pair of fancy boots and a pair of fancy tennis shoes.


lulu said...

I've seen the sparkly shoes in real life - they're DIVINE !!

al said...

I can't wait to see those beautiful, sparkly new shoes!