Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Organized Home Part 4

Skunky water is so cool.

The Peep has been well enough today to fend for her self with the TV/ DVR/ DVD remote and has already at 10 to 10 watched about 48 different shows. While all of this fun was happening I decided that it was TIME. Time to clean the upstairs carpets. We have only had this carpet for about 18 months, but between the little grass in the yard, Putter Rooskey, the Peep, Slick and me, we have managed to skunk up the carpet.

Lulu brought the super-duper-Hoover-carpet-cleaner and a fresh bottle of magic carpet cleaning solution over yesterday and this morning I have preformed a mini-miracle.

In case you have never done this, you put hot water from the tub into a reservoir and add magic cleaning solution to another place and voila- when you turn on the vacuum skunky water gets into a third spot and the carpet is wonderfully like new.

Pouring the skunky water down the drain is a little gross when you think about it, but if you stay shallow in your thinking- you too will be like me and think skunky water is the coolest thing since cloths that come loaded with scrubbing bubbles for quick wipe-ups.


The Neighbor said...

Keeping it shallow!

lulu said...

I loved cleaning my carpets - the skunky water meant the cleaner was really working - I want to try it again and see if the water is cleaner this time.......