Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Flowers

The Peep and I made these flowers for Easter lunch. The took 2 days to make and turned out great- for the 2 that were still standing after all of the hullabaloo.

I had heard from Duke to make the recipe that came with the cookie cutters so I did even though Slick does enjoy a different recipe for cookies. I really wanted these to work so I followed the directions to the letter. Those of you who know me do know I am a rule follower- but I like to stray a little... on these cookies there was not even the merest hint of a stray.

The directions indicate to let the dough cool for 3 hours. Did it. They say to roll out and let rest on cookie sheets for 30 minutes in the fridge before baking. Did it. They say to make sure to measure the dough to make sure it is a uniform thickness. I used a green ruler. The directions say to make sure the openings in the cookies are parallel after baking since cookies sometimes expand when baking. Stayed up until 11 PM doing it.

The next day the Peep helped with the making of the frosting and the making of the paper cones for the frosting to go into. She chose the colors for the frosting. She carefully and individually placed each of the eggs into the green frosting grass.

We put the flowers on the grass like on the picture on the box. And 6 of the 8 flowers fell off of their stems onto the cake plate.

It was such a let down.

They tasted OK but for a year I have been thinking about making these cookies for Easter and how wonderful they would look on the mantle or table. Dang that William Sonoma.


The Neighbor said...

I thought they were lovely! Be Encouraged - the whole good fam was impressed!!

lulu said...

The cookies were BEAUTIFUL. I had one with the eggs just perfect, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Maybe WS needs you in their test kitchen..

Anonymous said...

Too funny. My sister had the same excitement and let down with the SAME cookies from WS. Not all its cracked up to be!